automated construction companies

50 automated construction companies to watch. Download delphai's list of 50 remarkable companies in the field.

50 automated construction companies to watch

The construction industry has been around for centuries, but recent changes have drastically shifted the landscape of construction. 

In the past 20 years, 2.25 million industrial robots have been introduced into the construction industry. Increased automation of the industry decreases danger to construction workers, eliminates needless waste, and increases efficiency. 

Especially with a continued boom in urban centers, it is more important now than ever to continue to update approaches in the construction industry. 

The industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the world. From 2013 to 2018, the most overall capital in investment was in the construction industry. Moreover, in January 2022, M&A deals in construction and real estate in Europe were valued at $3.1 bn. 

Companies like Dusty Robotics and Construction Robotics are spearheading construction automation by engineering automated machines for the industry. Use delphai for insights on 33,144 firms specializing in construction and robotics. Begin with our free download of 50 such companies.