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delphai uses disruptive AI to gather, analyze and present B2B data

What delphai does for you

delphai uses global data sources and disruptive AI firmographics to help you grow your business

From global data sources

delphai aggregates public data in almost every language from tens of millions of company websites, news sources, financial statements, conferences, investor portfolios, job posts, and patent filings.

All sources are continuously updated.

delphai relies on cutting-edge NLP and NLU to process data in real time

Through disruptive processing

Cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) units consider the context in order to correctly interpret the data before classification, extraction, categorization, linking, clustering, and analysis.

delphai's intuitive firmographics use a unique API-first strategy

To your screen

delphai’s firmographics suite is the end result. An intuitive user interface with dynamic visualizations conveys content clearly and invites exploration.

Our unique API-first strategy means delphai works perfectly with your current solutions.

Seamlessly integrate

delphai data and features into your existing solutions:

delphai integrates easily with your BI solution

your existing power BI solution

delphai integrates easily with your CRM solution

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