Hit your sales targets – every month

Data-powered sales

The next frontier of sales

Identify, track, and convert leads into customers faster than ever with delphai’s gold standard data

Drive your sales with instant, structured data

_ Discover new companies with the highest similarity to your best customers

_ Enrich your leads with AI-sourced company data and news insights

_ Rank your opportunities based on existing customers’ data

_ Track your leads with updates on the latest news, conference reports, job postings, and financials

B2B prospecting has never been easier

Combine different data verticals to find more, relevant customers


Find companies in predefined industry sectors or search for something more specific – with our semantic search, we can handle it all.


Use keywords to browse through all of our company data. With our full-text data, you will find more relevant companies doing exactly what you are looking for.

Sales triggers

Filter for relevant events, e.g. supply chain, legal disputes, new products, partnerships, etc.

When your CRM is powered by delphai, your sales team will:

1 —

Qualify leads accurately

thanks to automated data enrichment

2 —

Increase conversion rates

with data-powered insights

3 —

Get sales trigger events

and be the first on the phone

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