We bring together bright minds and complex problems

At delphai, we use artificial intelligence to achieve market transparency, and bullet-proof the way businesses grow.

Our mission

delphai is on a mission to map the global business landscape. We use artificial intelligence to build a fully automated search engine specialized in B2B.

We are here to enable organizations to stay on top of industry trends, competitor moves, and technological innovations. We do so by aggregating publicly available data, tracking news, financial statements, patents, job posts, and presenting it in intelligent formats.

Our values

Great companies start with great people. We want to empower everyone on our team to reach their full potential. We do so by favoring a highly collaborative, innovative, and solution-oriented work environment. We are culturally, academically, and professionally diverse, foster unique viewpoints, and encourage excellence. Join us and change the way businesses grow.


We encourage collaboration among and between teams, as well as innovative and creative ideas. We believe open communication and approachability are essential for learning.


By being customer-centric, we honor our commitment to provide the best software experience possible. We offer a seamless onboarding experience to ensure that all needs are met, and all questions get answered in a personalized way.


As a startup, we are always changing, developing, and growing in new and exciting ways. Whether it is developing a new feature, onboarding customers, or receiving feedback, we strive to embrace change as an opportunity.


We believe in being transparent about our accomplishments, failures, and learnings. By cultivating a transparent environment within the workplace, we create trust between employees and managers.


We are proud to count on team members from 15 different nations, with almost 40% of them identifying as female. With people from different academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds, we endeavor to be an inclusive workspace and foster diversity of thought.


With attention to detail placed at the forefront of our company, we ensure our work is of the highest quality and always done to the best of our abilities. For the benefit of the company, our customers, and ourselves.



As part of our employee development plan, we offer a generous educational budget fitted to your professional goals.


We are all running on fuel and it cannot always be coffee. So, we provide our team with a selection of healthy snacks.


Regardless of seniority, we encourage everyone in the team to step up and take full responsibility and ownership over their work.


Thanks to our company health insurance, our employees get a dedicated budget for health-related expenses.


We offer an additional 6 days of vacation a year. Additionally, the whole team is off on Christmas eve, and our very own delphai day!

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