The origins, market edge, and future of delphai

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The origins, market edge, and future of delphai

delphai co-founder Robin Tech enjoyed his time on the podcast Speed Change Repeat – Emerging…

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delphai co-founder Robin Tech enjoyed his time on the podcast Speed Change Repeat – Emerging Technology in Business on December 7, 2021. Host Jonathan Pfaffenrot and Tech talked about the origins of delphai, the advantages of market intelligence, and the future of the company.

Staying curious and focused on growth

Before co-founding delphai, Tech worked at Audi, the European Commission, and completed a Ph.D. with stations at Humboldt, St. Gallen, and MIT. When asked about a theme running through his career, Tech emphasized an interest in how new technologies impact the world, and which companies drive those technologies forward.

“I want to understand what kind of impact new technologies will have, and in the next stage, what impact new companies can have, and in the next stage, what impact new innovations can have,” Tech said.

Emphasis on SMEs

Tech highlighted that while startups, research institutions, and multinational corporations contribute to the innovation ecosystem, small and mid-sized companies continuously drive change.

“Small and medium-sized businesses that have been around for decades, sometimes even centuries, just keep innovating. They keep changing the world,” Tech said.

delphai: market intelligence infographic

The data processor for market intelligence

Demand for structured company information is high. Many businesses are using AI to collect company information. Yet, processing this data, or turning the collected data into descriptions, tables, and charts, still takes hundreds of hours. 

“Even if you automated the collection and aggregation, you would still need hundreds of thousands of analysts to sift through all of that data and manually turn it into structured company information,” Tech says.

Compiling and processing the depth and breadth of company information is delphai’s market edge. For instance, delphai has an average of 85 unique data points on each of the companies on its platform. The algorithm pulls from those data points to create over 12 million unique, comprehensive company profiles in the delphai dashboard. 

delphai is headed to become the global backbone for gold standard company data in virtually any business. At every step in the business, delphai data can play a role in the future.”

Dr. Robin Tech — Managing Director & Co-Founder at delphai

New features, partners, and dashboard integration

When asked about where delphai is headed, Tech explained delphai is expanding its customer base, forging new partnerships, and developing new features. 

“We are very partnership-driven as a company,” Tech said. Collaborating with companies such as Handelsblatt, 36kr, VDMA, and M&A Review have enriched delphai data and expanded its client base.

Along with building new partnerships, the team is constantly developing new features tailored to the growth goals of clients. For instance, the Smart List feature takes a list of companies our clients are interested in and generates suggestions of companies that are similar. From there, the client can choose to add the company to their project or not. This makes discovering new companies simple and fast.

“Now that we have successfully built the infrastructure, it becomes easier and easier for us to build more features and use cases on top of that. For our competitors, it becomes more and more prohibitively expensive to try to recreate that,” said Tech.

Want to learn more about Dr. Tech, delphai, and the future of market intelligence. Listen to the full podcast here.

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