Bad data is bad for business

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Bad data is bad for business

delphai joins government-funded AI research group on online data verification Berlin, 21.09.2022 |  The AI…

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delphai joins government-funded AI research group on online data verification

Berlin, 21.09.2022 |  The AI research project “news-polygraph” has been selected for funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project aims to develop a platform driven by AI to identify fake news, including the manipulation of images, sounds, videos as well as texts. The result is a kind of digital toolbox against disinformation. 

Teams working in finance, risk, sales, procurement, and data visibility will benefit from reliable data backed by easy and efficient content verification. Good data means good business — bad data is expensive. And verification of online data will save hours of manual fact-checking and increase accuracy in models. 

Over the next three years, a total of ten partners including delphai, the German Research Center for AI, and Deutsche Welle will collaborate on the research and development, including institutions from science, media, technology, and business.

What is real and what is fake?

The planned digital “news-polygraph” toolbox supports the media industry by making it easier to check media content for manipulation with the help of AI. Deliberately placed false information and media manipulation or fake news is an increasingly prevalent issue.  57% of German adults say they often come across fake news (Statista, 2022). But not only is the number of manipulated media increasing rapidly, but the quality of the fake content is also rising. So-called deepfakes, image, audio, or video files manipulated with AI, often look so deceptively real that even professional news agencies can only identify fakes with great effort. 

Intuitive, rapid, and efficient fake news detection

“news-polygraph” is intended to support media professionals in the future in detecting false information in an intuitive, reliable, and time-saving way. The “news-polygraph” platform will be able to check content in real-time and will be available in several languages.

We are thrilled to be working with such an incredible team to provide a digital toolbox against disinformation. We are excited to evolve state-of-the-art AI to address the growing challenges in verification in the media and across other industries. delphai hopes to improve market transparency and make data verification easier and more efficient for everyone

 Konstanze Neumann, delphai COO, co-founder, and “news-polygraph” contributor

The implementation phase of “news-polygraph” is expected to officially start in spring 2023. Read more about the project here.

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