The entire business world at your fingertips

delphai empowers ambitious businesses with all the information needed to grow


Your B2B research has never been easier

Forget complicated search queries

If you know how to use a search engine, you know how to use our semantic search. Thanks to our natural language processing technology, there is no need to remember special search terms or tags. 

Benefit from having immediate access to all the data you ever needed

The entire business world at your reach

Whether you are researching a company, technology, or product, delphai offers a comprehensive overview. You get a list of top companies in the field, visualizations of funding and founding activities over time, as well as clear industry and technology breakdowns with one search in our ecosystem explorer. 

Investigate companies, products, or technologies under the microscope

Take a deep dive into comprehensive information

No more piecing together data from different sources. Find everything about your target sector in one place with delphai. Keep track of the most recent news releases or job ads, stay on top of fresh financial statements, know the latest on product development, and recently filed patents anywhere on Earth.  

Forget about Excel, or not

Your results ready to use by one click

Export your search results to your preferred programs. Our export function makes the building of reports and presentations easier than ever before.

How it works

Data sources

delphai aggregates public data in every language from more than 10 million company websites, more than 15,000 global news sources, financial statements, conference websites, investor portfolios, job posts, and patent filings. All sources are continuously updated.

Data processing

delphai goes beyond conventional syntactic processing and takes into account the context in which text data is used to interpret it. Various natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) methods are used for data classification, extraction, categorization, linking, clustering, and analysis.

Analytics suite

Complex dynamics characterize innovation and technology ecosystems. Therefore an intuitive graphical user interface that conveys content clearly and invites exploration, is essential. By using semantic search functions and dynamic visualizations, a high level of information retrieval is guaranteed.

Easily integrate

delphai data and features into your existing solutions:

your existing power BI solution

your existing CRM solution