The delphai dashboard

Our core product, a self-service portal to analytics on companies, markets, and technologies around the world.

Ask questions

You can ask delphai any market intelligence question.

Get answers

Instantly get a custom data set and a macro level analysis that can be fine-tuned in the next steps.

From the macro level

Refine your contextual understanding with auto-generated graphs and texts that you can download and use for your presentations or reports.

To ecosystems

Explore the ecosystem to find out how different industries and technologies connect, and which companies operate at the intersections.

To the micro detail

Next, you can access company profiles that are always up-to-date and add them to your project list — we will notify you automatically should anything noteworthy happen.


Similarity search

Understand the true scope of the market with our similarity tool, which needs only a small sample of exemplary firms to find similar firms on a global scale.

Lead generation

Reveal untapped firms that match the profile of your existing clientele, or keep track of new product launches to alert you about newly qualified leads.

Competitor watch

Keep track of the competition. Get notified when competitors make a move, or uncover previously unknown competitors in adjacent markets.

Automated reporting

Auto-generated texts summarize the most essential information about markets, technologies, and companies.

Instant visualizations

Interactive visualizations of global data for immediate insights for a holistic context of your strategic question.

Export functions

Download the company lists, visualizations, or insights and plug it directly into your presentations or reports.

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You are in charge of the research process — no middle-men necessary. Explore data visualizations and auto-generated insights to conduct analysis at your discretion. Professionalize your capacity and bring data expertise in-house.


Make your analyses more efficient so you can focus on making strategy. Just start with a question you have in mind — and get a precise picture of the market, technology, or company information you need in seconds, instead of days.


Get answers you can immediately use to grow and de-risk. Our suite of visualization and text generation tools give you automatic summaries of the most essential information on market dynamics, technology trends, and company profiles.

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