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Instant industry insights

Unlock the core of delphai.

Search for and discover companies, build quality lists in your portfolio, and get instant overviews for each business.

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Instant insights

Explore delphai’s twelve million company fingerprints by searching ANY business name, industry type, or technology.

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Detailed company profiles

Unlock complete, auto-generated company descriptions in seconds. These descriptions can be used anywhere you’d like.

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Complete data provenance

Want to know why a company is right for you? Track each data point back to its source with delphai.

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Know your industry today

Gain instant lists of companies most similar to the company you searched for. Reveal future partners and current competitors in just one click.


million company fingerprints

We monitor company websites globally and let our algorithms identify and classify big amounts of information


thousand new sources

We aggregate press releases, conference websites, blog articles, patent filings, financial statements, and more



Our cutting-edge technology allows us to embrace the world. We translate from every language and integrate data in any format