What can a top business intelligence tool do for you?

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What can a top business intelligence tool do for you?

delphai was nominated as a top market intelligence company by the Startup Pill.  The market…

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delphai was nominated as a top market intelligence company by the Startup Pill

The market intelligence sector is booming with the expected market size to reach $43B by 2028. Since the market is rapidly growing, we want to explore how delphai provides a complete overview of individual companies and industry landscapes.  

The world around us is overloaded with information. Some of which we glean from our own observations while others require a little digging to unearth. Gathering and sorting this vast amount of data can be daunting for most people – but not for us!

Competitive intelligence

Individual company profiles

delphai compiles millions of data points on individual companies to create comprehensive company profiles. Our users can uncover unique company insights found in automatically classified and categorized news, new technology endeavors in recently filed patents, and relationships between companies revealed in conference attendances, reports, and parent/ subsidiary relations.

Wider company search

With delphai’s database of over 12 million companies profiles each populated by full-text, contextual data profiles, we can discover what companies actually do, not just what they say they do. We track all of a company’s public activities through its website, blogs, press releases, news articles, job posts, etc. Thus, we can reveal a comprehensive company profile that we can share with our users. 

Subsequently, we generate Peers lists of unrivaled quality. This enables our users to quickly generate both short and long lists for deal origination and efficiently scout for sales prospects. Once users compile a company list, be it for a shortlist for deal origination or sales targets, users can deploy our smart list feature to augment their lists, ensuring that they do not miss out on the perfect but initially hidden company. 

Market intelligence

delphai also aggregates market trends to provide users with novel industry insights. We track global hotspots and emerging technologies, and we catalog the interrelationships between technologies and industries. This allows our users to have complete market transparency, resulting in better and faster decision-making. 

market intelligence

As the market intelligence sector rapidly expands, it can be difficult to find a provider that suits all your needs. With delphai, users can quickly complete their target scouting and focus on what really matters: maximizing company growth.

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