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More growth, less risk

Manage risks

Understand and mitigate risks by gaining relevant information on market, technology, and company developments so you can best respond.

Save time

Make your research process more efficient. Get a precise picture in a short amount of time, so you can focus on making strategy.

Expand revenues

Find new ways to grow revenues and enhance your portfolio. Leverage unique insights extracted from 12m+ companies by delphai's proprietary AI.

Get the full picture

Explore entire ecosystems with our AI-enabled dashboard to discover emerging technologies, or profile individual companies to scout for new partners. Whether it’s competitive intelligence, investment planning, R&D roadmapping, or business expansion, delphai allows you to generate the insights you need to make the next move.

From top level context
down to the last detail


Our platform not only visualizes the areas and companies you’re interested in, but also how they relate to different technologies, applications, and firms. Discover the connections within and between ecosystems.


Raw data can be hard to analyze. Take advantage of our intuitive visualizations and auto-generated analyses to make sense of information quicker. Our AI tools help you to find the patterns hidden in complexity.


Enjoy insights drawn from data with global coverage, which also includes startups, scaleups, SMBs, as well as established corporations. Expand your analysis across the whole innovation value chain.

Trusted by industry leaders

R&D supported by

delphai at your fingertips

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